The walls of Grand Isle honor the imagery and artistry of beloved local photographer Fonville Winans. At the turn of the century, Winans created some of the most enduring images of Southern Louisiana. Even though he photographed Legislators and Southern beauty queens, Winans is best known for his images of Louisiana’s swamp forests, grassy coastal wetlands, endless river prairies, and the people who inhabited them—the fishermen and swamp dwellers, oyster farmers and moss gatherers.

Grand Isle was known for its absence of roads and bridges, and it’s proliferation of palm trees, back before the hurricanes and salt water began eating away at the shoreline. A private culture turned inward, the predominately French-speaking Grand Isle resisted the progress occurring in the outside world, and no one captured the time and place the way Winans did. Take a trip back in time to experience the breathtakingly raw beauty of Grand Isle.

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