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Our Story


Sorry Ernest Hemingway, but the best fish story comes from Grand Isle, Louisiana. From before Ernie was born, the Gulf waters around Grand Isle have been the place to find the finest quality fish and seafood in the country. We bring that story to life with every dish we serve at the restaurant named for our favorite place.

Ever since we were little, we spent many a weekend and summer on Grand Isle, and because everything great comes from when you were little, we set up a Cajun Fishing Camp in New Orleans. Of course, being older now, we enjoy things like comfy booths and long, wide marble counters to eat our oysters on, so we added that. So it’s a fancy fishing camp, don’t judge. Anyway, we mostly want to tell you about the food.

First and foremost – our fish and seafood are always, always fresh out the Gulf. Frozen and fish are two words that should never be joined (like man and purse). Now, some want the traditional boils and such, so we do that, really well. But we also get innovative with the flavors and techniques that are abound in coastal Louisiana, and apply this not just to seafood, but to southern beef and poultry specialties. And for that matter, to our cocktails and wine list too. You will leave Grand Isle having had the best version ever of something you know and love, or the most unique new dish you’ve ever tried.

And for an evening out in New Orleans, that’s the best story you can tell.

Yours truly,

The Grand Isle family